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Sensitive, good looking, talented, giving, my goodness It's terrible to be nothing but the object of sexual lust and attention. Women have dealt with this for so long so I don't really feel guilty as I wipe the drool off my keyboard when looking at this beautiful specimen of a human being. You might recognize Cheyenne from his work in 'Behind the Candelabra' which was the award winning story of Liberace and his romantic relationships. Or maybe United93, the movie. Really, in my opinion, who cares where you recognize him from, he's more than gorgeous.

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How many straight guys do we see walking around like this Adonis. He's married and has been divorced and remarried. I guess gay guys have their marital woes as well.

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I could spend hours gawking at pictures of this beauty, but alas I know in my heart, there is no chance for me and this beautiful Romeo. If he were straight, I am sure we'd be standing at the alter in no time..

5 comments on “Top 10 Sexiest Gay Male Celebrities”

He's a very talented actor who's played many a part in television, miniseries, and movies. His strong features make his female fans frantic.

What do all of these hunkie hotties have in common? They are breathtakingly beautiful and of course, they all have dark hair, because I chose them and that's my thing , and they are gay. Gay meaning, no woman can ever have a chance to know what it's like to be with their gorgeous selves- it's simply not fair. Mike and I sure would have hooked up by now had he been born straight, but alas, it will never happen.. Rock Hudson was blessed with one of the most beautiful faces, smiles, bodies and charm than any other man in the world.

Top 10 Hottest Openly Gay Male Athletes

I could have turned him.. I just know it This Scotland Hunk is a wonderful theatre and film actor and he's simply beautiful to look at. You might recognize him from various tv shows and those who watched 'Desperate Housewives' may remember his brief role as Patrick Logan in the series.

Also, some might know him from 'Torchwood. Any sort of bold ideas that I could turn this UK hottie into my straight lover are pretty much out the window as he is a very big advocate for several gay organizations and he puts a lot of time and effort to quashing homophobia. I love his passion and zest for life, and I love his openly gay attitude.

Congratulations to Kyle.. Matt decided he wanted to be an actor at an early age when his family took him to see the play 'The Ugly Duckling. Ironically, Matt's mother was actually the Good who laid the Golden Egg. His big blue eyes, tumbled and wavy dark hair, and chiseled features makes him yet another gay men that cannot ever be a notch on my bedpost. Ok, I admit this one is a little young for me. He's about 11 years my junior.. Oh yeah.. A little eye candy for the ladies, Thomas Roberts is a beautiful news anchor who is very open and out in the public.

If you google him, you can see several pictures of him in suits nice , or kissing his husband jealous , and sometimes, if you get lucky, his naked upper body like the one above lucky. Here's another gay celebrity with the dark hair, beautiful body, gorgeous smile and fantastic personality. I think the female community is getting a little shortchanged here. This guy can be my anchor any day—that's all I am saying. I'd even grow facial hair and work on strengthening my abs for this beautiful man. Just give me one chance. I would not have a very good article if I didn't at least give an honourable mention to a few hotties that didn't make my list.

Sorry, but every time I look at him I see Doogie Howser. He gets a mention for being so funny and such a wonderful gay advocate and humanitarian. The guy from Prison Break, Wentworth Miller, is absolutely beautiful. However- I can't put my finger on why I would choose others over him. Maybe he's a bit too beautiful, but I don't know..

Adam Lambert is totally sexy, entertaining, a fantastic singer and I am sure Freddy Mercury would be proud of him. Finally, Guillermo Diaz from Scandal would be the last guy I would think of as gay- but he is. And for that, I applaud him. Although Anderson Cooper is already almost years old, his awesome physique hidden underneath the suits he is always wearing puts most guys half his age to shame.

Hottest Out & Proud Celebs

Sitting prettily on the number 4 spot is Hollywood heart-throb Matt Bomer! This year old pretty boy first stole our hearts as Neal Caffrey in White Collar and later made us all hyperventilate when he appeared topless in the hit movie Magic Mike. Like Cheyene Jackson, Matt Bomer is also unfortunately, married.

The star of Prison Break broke the hearts of his legions of swooning female fans when he finally came out of the closet in With his sharp features, toned physique and those piercing hynotic eyes, the Golden Globe nominated heart-throb is our pick for the number 3 on this list!

100 Hottest Out & Proud Celebs

After years of heavy media speculation, Latin pop star Ricky Martin finally publicly acknowledged his homosexuality through a blog post on his website in He is now the proud father of twins and also one of the most successful Latin singers in music history, selling more than 70 million records worldwide and winning 6 Grammy Awards! With his perfectly symmetrical face, soothing voice and prowess in shaking his booty, Ricky is in our opinion, the 2nd sexiest gay man alive today!

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  8. Our pick for the sexiest gay male celebrity is none other than… British heart-throb Duncan James! Although he initially identified himself as bisexual in , he clarified in that he was in fact, gay. Out Of The Closet: Dear Straight Girls, Sorry to break it to you but the following 10 men all play for our team!

    Marc Jacobs Source: These famous gay people come from countless different times in human history, and this list includes gay actors, famous gay celebrities, and famous gay people in history.

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    Who are famous gay men? Famous homosexuals in history included in this list are the painter of the Sistine Chapel and the dad from the Brady Bunch - yes, we gays are a diverse bunch! This list of gay celebrities starts with the earliest gay historic figures, but you can sort by any column. Which famous men in history are gay?

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    This many people can't be wrong, maybe straight men should explore homosexuality. If you want more lists about famous homosexuals, check out this list of famous gay authors. He has worked with lyricist Bernie Taupin as his songwriter partner since Neil Patrick Harris age 45 Neil Patrick Harris is an American actor, writer, producer, director, comedian, magician, singer, and television host.

    He is known for playing Barney Stinson in the television comedy series How Kevin Spacey age 59 Kevin Spacey Fowler, better known as Kevin Spacey, is an American actor, film director, writer, producer, and comedian. He began his career as a stage actor during the s, before being cast Freddie Mercury Dec. As a performer, he was known for his flamboyant stage persona George Michael age 55 Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, widely known by his stage name George Michael, is an English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer.